You Can Call Me Well

NEI closed out the 2013 Congress with this parody of a classic song, dedicated to all the "MHPs" of the world.

Psychiatric Care … Where?!

Waiting to be seen by Psychiatry

Waiting to be seen by Psychiatry

A WIPA member recently conducted an informal informational study to gain a better understanding of the patients’ experience obtaining psychiatric care in the Salem area. All of the 45 patients questioned were covered by commercial insurance, meaning they were either 1.) covered under an employer’s insurance program or 2.) had sufficient financial means to purchase a private insurance policy.

Nurse Practitioner? Psychiatrist? Psychologist? Finding What You Need

Finding What You Need Image

P.M.H.N.P. - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This is an advanced practice nurse with extra years of education focused on disorders that effect a person’s emotions, thinking, or behaviors. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners are qualified to evaluate, diagnose, prescribe medications, and provide psychotherapy. In Oregon, Nurse Practitioners are able to practice independently and bill insurance companies directly.

People First! In Mental Health Care and All Health Care

Have you ever heard a health care provider say something such as, “Here’s the gallbladder I was telling you about,” and then they gesture toward a nearby person? Maybe even toward you!

Psychiatric Specialty Care … WHAT!

Being referred to psychiatry has a lot of emotional baggage attached. “What! Do you think I’m nuts?” “Will everyone else think that I’m nuts?” Or worse, will the person himself think he’s nuts?

I was at a local eatery enjoying my lunch when I could not help but overhear the words of a successful looking gentleman who was back to back with me on the upholstered wooden booth bench. He was pouring out the story of his journey through anxiety and panic attacks to his friend.